Tuesday, December 23, 2014

the city - a screen project

27 aralık'ta
the city - a screen project kapsamında
27 aralıkta
bulgaristan sokaklarında..  

is on the streets bulgaria
as part of the city - a screen project
on dec 27th.. 

transforming urban architectural space into a nomadic exhibition, a unconventional approach of presenting new media art
The project steps on the specific features and characteristics of the architectural landscape offered by a city. The intention is to use them as a unique open space environment for public presentation of new media art. The goal is to integrate walls, windows, facades, streets, parks or squares into artistic works, or vice versa. This will give both physical space and digital art new symbolical meanings for citizens and trespassers, who will unwillingly become audience. Urban spaces will become open galleries, non-formal and spontaneous spaces for meetings and aesthetically determined communication between creators and consumers.
For this purpose the selection of cross-generational artists who are embracing a progressive way of thinking, processing creation, presenting it and connecting to media culture is very important. The selection of works aims to influence all senses by being thematically bound to contemporary urban behaviorism, as multilayered and constantly self-remixing as it is, which aims to generate the interest of the accidental audience.
The realization of the project has to reach different cities in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Rousse & Blagoevgrad) in order to move and stretch the urban space in different cultural contexts and provoke thoughts in more generations of viewers. In each public realization the project evolves, adopting itself, re-defining the status quo. A metamorphosis based on communication with space and audience, questions and answers, actions and re-actions

“It’s always difficult to define what new media art is, but to me it’s not just about being new—it’s a contemporary way of thinking and responding to the latest tools of creation and societal changes. Each generation reveals their own “new media art” based on current influences and the latest technologies.”
bitforms gallery founder Steve Sacks    Curator: Ivo Ivanov

Thursday, December 4, 2014

İnsan Hakları ve Demokrasi Haftası

İşte Böyle,
12 aralikta saat 17:45`te
İnsan Hakları ve Demokrasi Haftası belgesel film gösterimleri kapsaminda